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Reaching Every American Concerning Health (REACH)

At Harmony Medical Services a part of our REACH Initiative (Reaching Every American Concerning Health) is to make sure individuals are aware of their risk factors for certain health conditions. The goal of REACH is to decrease morbidity and increase quality of life for at risk individuals. Our Harmony Health Quizzes were established to promote the goals of REACH, by educating and informing individuals of common health issues many Americans face. 

Take Control of your health by taking our Health Quizzes

Do I have a Cold or Allergies?


How to know if you have a Cold or Allergies?

I am a woman, am I at risk for Heart Disease?


Know your risk for Heart Disease.

Do I have a Sinus Infection?


Find out if your symptoms are due to a sinus infection

Am I at risk for Diabetes?


Find out if you are at risk for Diabetes. 

Do I have a UTI?

UTI, Urinary Tract Infections, Symptoms of a UTI, Bladder Infection

Find out if you are experiencing symptoms of a UTI.

Do I have a STI?